As one of the world’s top business schools, Wharton has a long history as an educational pioneer. With the leadership of BDAP Director Kevin Werbach, Wharton is active in several forms of blockchain education.

LGST 244/644 - Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Undergraduate/MBA Course)

Blockchain technology is a form of decentralized database that allows for the secure exchange of value without reliance on trusted intermediaries. Blockchain is the foundation for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, as well as for distributed ledger platforms used by enterprise consortia in various industries. Many believe that blockchain solutions have revolutionary potential. They promise to replace legal enforcement with technical mechanisms of cryptographic consensus as the means of generating trust. The technology has generated significant excitement, investment, and entrepreneurial activity in recent years. However, the business value of blockchain-based solutions is uncertain, cryptocurrency valuations are speculative, and there are serious legal, regulatory, and governance challenges to be addressed. This course is designed to give students the tools for critical assessment of ongoing developments in this evolving area.

Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets (Executive Education)

Wharton’s Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets program utilizes both theoretical frameworks and real-world applications and case studies to give students the tools necessary to engage deeply with this emerging technology in a business context. It provides a hands-on experience on understanding the value blockchain technology and digital assets can bring across an organization. Frameworks will be illustrated in the context of existing industry examples, and participants will be able to dive into the business applications and benefits using case studies throughout the program. Discussions will cover multiple industries across Asia, Europe, and North America, including consumer goods, financial services, health care, media and entertainment, technology, and retail. 

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Business in the Metaverse Economy (Executive Education)

Wharton’s Business in the Metaverse Economy is a six-week Wharton certificate program designed for business and technology professionals seeking to learn about the associated technologies, the economic and technological elements that will drive its development, and how firms and creators can gain value through the metaverse in the years to come. Powered by a range of emerging technologies including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), research analysts estimate the metaverse economy to be a momentous opportunity on the horizon, poised to become a $13 trillion market by 2030. Through immersion activities, program participants will also benefit from firsthand use of metaverse technology for an interactive learning experience.

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Technology Acceleration Program (Executive Education)

To be prepared for the future, you must understand the technology that will drive it. The faculty experts at the helm of the Technology Acceleration Program have scanned the horizon to evaluate how today’s emerging technologies—Non-Fungible Token (NFTs), artificial intelligence, and smart devices—could transform into the technologies of the future. You will take in a broad scope of technologies from robotic process automation to smart contracts, exploring their potential impacts on how you organize, finance, and operate your enterprise. The goal is not to turn you into a specialized technologist. It is to help you become a leader who creatively collaborates with disruptive technology to drive business value and growth.

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