The Cryptoregulation Pillar addresses the regulation of emerging blockchain-based systems, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets. BDAP provides a neutral forum to connect governments and the private sector in these emerging areas.

interest areas

  • U.S. and international regulatory approaches to digital assets.
  • Questions around regulated entities, liability, and enforcement in decentralized ecosystems.
  • How to balance potential harms from insufficient regulation against those of excessive or ill-fitting regulation.
  • The “regulatory stack” involving capital markets/securities law, company/organizational law, contractual classifications, property law, tax law, and illicit finance interdiction).
  • Tension points and opportunities for integration between traditional finance and digital asset ecosystems.
  • Cross-jurisdictional alignment and enforcement .
  • Technical mechanisms to facilitate regulatory and legal compliance.
  • Experiences from similar regulatory challenges in earlier waves of technological or market development.
  • Evidence from the development of the market to date.
  • Self-regulatory and co-regulatory approaches.