We are thrilled to announce the release of a joint World Economic Forum and Wharton BDAP publication entitled “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Beyond the Hype”. This white paper aims to shed light on the topic of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), offering a foundation for policy-makers, regulators and senior business leaders to understand the DAO ecosystem.

Hundreds of DAOs now control tens of billions of dollars of digital assets and coordinate the activity of thousands of people. DAOs pose fascinating questions around governance, social coordination, and corporate forms, along with the technical issues around blockchain-based activity mediated through digital assets. This paper is the first in a workstream on the opportunities, challenges, and risks that DAOs pose. Crucially, the lessons from this process are informing global efforts to create a universally accepted set of policies and practices for DAOs.

Forthcoming publications from this collaboration will provide policy frameworks for evaluating DAOs, principles-based approaches for governing DAOs, and reflections on early experiments in leveraging DAOs for social impact.

We are grateful to the global team of experts and leaders working with us on this initiative since January 2022.

Access the white paper DAOs: Beyond the Hype