The latest Wharton BDAP Report “Restoring Trust & Managing Risks” authored by our research fellow Bianca Kremer is out now.

The ninth Reg@Tech Roundtable on Digital Assets delved into critical aspects of digital asset regulation, including the need for global coordination, the development of risk management frameworks, and the importance of consumer protection. The discussions emphasized the complexities of regulating cryptocurrencies and the significance of collaboration between different stakeholders to create effective risk management practices tailored to blockchain-related projects and platforms. Moreover, the report sheds light on the challenges of ensuring market integrity and investor protection in the digital asset space. It also highlights the importance of a decentralized digital identity system, privacy-protecting technologies, and risk education in addressing the unique challenges of the digital asset industry.

Reg@Tech is a biannual series on the regulation of digital assets from a multi-jurisdictional perspective. Since 2017, it has been bringing together industry leaders, academics, regulators, and stakeholders to discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

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