Wharton BDAP Celebrates 10th Reg@Tech Event on Digital Asset Regulation

The Wharton Blockchain and Digital Asset Project proudly marked the 10th iteration of its bi-annual Reg@Tech event on October, 12-13, 2023 – a significant milestone since the event’s launch in 2017.

The university-hosted forum drew a distinguished mix of academics, regulators, and professionals specializing in digital asset regulation. Attendees and participants came together for two days of dialogue, knowledge exchange, and exploration of pressing challenges in the field.

Highlighted Agenda Items:

 Kick-Off Conversations: This session allowed participants to engage in small-group discussions, aiming to pinpoint the most critical issues in today’s digital asset regulation landscape.

 Evolving Approaches to Digital Assets: Dynamic panel discussions took the center stage with notable speakers such as Peter Kerstens (European Commission), Valerie Szczepanik (SEC/IOSCO), Kavita Jain (Federal Reserve), Chris Land (Office of Sen. Lummis), Lucy Hynes (Senate Agriculture Comm.), Michael Wong (Office of Sen. Sinema) and Paul Balzano (House Agriculture Comm.), sharing their insights on digital asset trends both in the US and globally.

 Lightning Talks: A series of quick yet impactful presentations by thought leaders Pratyush Mishra (Penn Computer & Information Science), Brett Hemenway Falk (University of Pennsylvania), Yesha Yadav (Vanderbilt Law School), Emin Gun Sirer (Ava Labs), Vanessa Kargenian (Fidelity Center for Advanced Technology), Ameen Soleimani (Moloch Ventures), Carole House (TerraNet Ventures) and E. Glen Weyl (Microsoft Research).

Diving Deep into Thought Leadership:

The sessions delved into various aspects of digital asset regulation, with working groups formed around topics such as technology-informed regulation to the role of blockchain in preventing financial crime. 

Networking and Collaboration:

Reg@Tech was not only about knowledge dissemination; it also served as a platform for forging new professional relationships and strengthening existing ones. Wharton BDAP extends its gratitude to all attendees, speakers, moderators, and organizers for making this event a success.

A Reflection on the Journey So Far:

Reaching its 10th installment, Reg@Tech stands as a testament to the growing significance of international cooperation in comprehending and molding digital asset regulation. As the global dialogue on digital assets continues to evolve, Wharton remains committed to playing a pivotal role in these critical conversations.

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