We are thrilled to announce the release of the “Decentralized Autonomous Organization Toolkit”. It is the second in a series of outputs from our joint World Economic Forum and Wharton BDAP DAO Project series collaboration that began with DAOs: Beyond the Hype.

The DAO Toolkit is an insight report designed to provide tools for policy-makers, entrepreneurs and others seeking to engage with the DAO ecosystem. The product of an international collaboration of experts, the Toolkit offers evaluation frameworks, tools, and recommendations regarding DAO operations, governance, law and policy. 

Collaboratively-governed and code-driven, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are engaged in nothing less than an experiment to reimagine how we connect, collaborate, and create. Although DAOs today manage billions of dollars’ worth of assets, engage millions of contributors, and operate across industries as diverse as finance and philanthropy, basic questions regarding operations, governance, law and policy are only just beginning to be addressed by policy-makers, regulators and entrepreneurs

We are grateful to the global team of experts and leaders working with us on this initiative since January 2022.

Access the newly launched Decentralized Autonomous Organization Toolkit 

Access the first release in the DAO project series: DAOs: Beyond the Hype