Recently, from March 5-10, 2023, the Wharton Global Modular Course (GMC) on “L3 for Web3” with 40 MBA/EMBA students took place in London and Lisbon. The course is the first of its kind and was led by Wharton BDAP Director Professor Kevin Werbach who was joined by his Teaching Assistants Wharton BDAP Research Fellow Bianca Kremer, Wharton MBA student Alejandro Isaac Safdie and Wharton MBA alumna, Monica T. Ramirez de Arellano.

This course offered students fascinating and diverse perspectives from industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs in the blockchain space. Students visited both London and Lisbon: two very different hotbeds of activity. One is a global financial capital; the other has become a crypto magnet for its location and a combination of cultural, economic, and other reasons. The blockchain ecosystem has been global from the start, with no Silicon Valley at its heart and distributed virtual teams the norm.

The course brought together an impressive lineup of speakers, including a former Governor of the Bank of England, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Digital Transformation, leaders in DeFi and blockchain analytics, Web3 and fintech accelerators, lawyers, payment processors, VCs, crypto nomads, and an array of startups. These experts provided an in-depth understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, including its potential and challenges, and highlighted the importance of culture and context in different countries.

One of the highlights of the course was the student presentations of DLT use-cases to a major bank and invited guests. The presentations were a testament to the students’ creativity and ingenuity, and showcased the potential of blockchain technology to transform traditional industries. The feedback from the bank representatives and industry experts was incredibly positive, highlighting the relevance and importance of such initiatives in the industry.

The course also provided ample opportunities for networking and interacting with peers from different backgrounds and cultures. We had the pleasure of enjoying dinner in a 17th-century palace with a visit from the Marquis, which was a unique and memorable experience for all.

Undoubtedly, these are uncertain times in the blockchain world. Still, the course provided a sense of the breadth and potential of blockchain technology, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and exploration in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Overall, the Wharton Global Modular Course on Web3 and Blockchain was a great example of the power of Wharton’s global reach. The course served as a reminder of the importance of collaboration, innovation, and global exploration in the blockchain industry. We are excited to continue to offer students an unparalleled web3 learning experience.


Some impressions: